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Reason why people Don’t Succeed Despite a Great Vision

I came across a story that changed my life, and I will love to share it with you.

Four monks decided to meditate silently without speaking for two weeks they lit a candle as a symbol of their practice and began, by nightfall on the first day, the candle flickered and then went out.

The first monk said;” oh no! the candle is out”.

The second monk said:” we’re not supposed to talk!'”.

The third monk said:” why must you two break the silence?”.

The fourth monk laughed and said: “ha! I’m the only one who didn’t speak”.

95% of all the talking covers only two topics:

  1. The person whose mouth is open
  2. Stuff that’s outside our control

The first monk got distracted by an outside event and felt compelled to point it out, He could have just relit the candle.

The second monk reminded everyone of a rule that had already been broken. He could have just kept meditating.

The third monk vented his anger. He could have just stayed calm.

The fourth monk got carried away with his ego. He could have just enjoyed his success in silence.

What all four have in common is that they forgot the purpose at which they were there, they lost focus as a result of various events and activities happening around them and became distracted. if there had been a fifth wise monk, here is what he would have done; remain focused and kept meditating.

The journey to Genuine success is filled with so many challenges, hurdles, and obstacles, sometimes you will get more of no than yes but only the focused and determined makes it to the top.

Remember tough time doesn’t last but tough people do.


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