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Six Facts to Know Before Marriage

Marriage is not a bed of roses it is neither for teenagers nor for children, no matter how intimate you are with someone there are facts you need to know to have a healthy home and not end up in divorce and separation.
Finding the right person to marry is the most difficult thing to do after self-discovery, most people get married by infatuation and lust which in turn had landed them to divorce.
In-depth knowledge of the principles governing a man and a woman is needed to live happily ever after, for you to have the happiest home to be proud of, then these are the basic truths you must know before going to the alter.

The Impact of Broken Home on Children

1. Love: one of the bases for marriage is love, there should be a deep feeling of affection not just by physical predispositions, infatuation or lust, there are many reasons why people get married, but if love is not among them, then divorce is inevitable.

2. Character: Character is the physical manifestation of your true identity, a good character will produce a happy home, a bad one will end up producing a bad home. Before considering to settle down, evaluate and work on your character, the best time to do that is in the days of your loneliness, get rid of any bad attitude, lifestyle or addictions. who you are before marriage is who you will become after marriage except there is a deliberate decision to change your lifestyle.

3. Maturity: Marriage is for matured minds, don’t ever be in a hurry to get married, you have to be matured spiritually, financially, emotionally, socially and psychologically. You must be able to make rational decisions that will be of compatible interest between you and your soulmate.

4. See beyond the wedding: most people mistake marriage from a wedding. A wedding is a ceremony that ushers you into a marriage that lasts for some days, therefore more emphasis should not be placed at only an event that doesn’t last. Most people spend a lot on a wedding that they are left with nothing to take care of themselves in the long run. in most cases, some flamboyant wedding never lasts longer.

5. Preparation: Marriage is a lifetime adventure, therefore there should be a need for adequate preparation for it not to end up in crisis. Love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener, don’t allow the sweetness of your love to make you rush into marriage, take time to plan and prepare, you need a steady stream of income, a place of habitation and lots more for a successful home.

6. Sacrifice: Marriage is not a bed of roses, this is the last fact you need to know before getting marriage, sometimes it may be rosy, sometimes rough, you must be able to endure hardship and trial times. understand your partner, try to admit your mistakes when you are at fault and accept correction, learn to seek each other’s opinion regarding an issue and always see things from the other person’s point of view.


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