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The Impact of Broken Home on Children

As the future leads, every child deserves love, care, and affection from his/her parents. This implies that the home must be a place where love and peace rains.
Who we are today is a reflection of where we are coming from or where we have been, therefore what a child becomes is a total reflection of the home that brought him/ her up.
Broken home leaves the child with sorrow and pain, which could lead to depression and in turn build an impression in them that good homes do not exist.

It is painful and quite unfortunate that most failed marriages happened as a result of an ill knowledge of their fellow partner and some as a result of family background and the home they grew.
Broken homes do not necessarily mean divorce, but a home that lacks togetherness, oneness, and love, this affects the reasoning of the children because they reflect on what they see and hear, this goes along with the say:” He who has your ears has your mind”. whatever the child constantly hears the mum telling the dad or the dad telling his mum is a reflection of what the child will grow up with, having a mindset that marriage is destructive.

The training that the child receives at home is what he/she will eventually come out to exhibit in the society if the child lives in hostility, he learns to fight. the home builds or destroys the child when love care and affection is predominant in the family, the children will develop a positive mindset but when reverse becomes the case, it leads to emotional trauma which may result to depression.

Broken homes make the child grow up in hostility, join bad friends and cultivate bad behaviors, believe that a good home does not exist, become depressed, unfaithful and unable to make rational decisions.


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