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Basic truths about Money you need to know

Money is one of the precious things to get it makes lie easy life easy and enjoyable, imagine what would have happened if the banknote you have in your hands or bank account was to be erased from the surface of the earth? Believe me or not life would have been a little bit difficult and devastating because you need them to pay home, transport and electricity bills include school and tuition fees, but unfortunately, there are so many misconceptions about money, some religion, race, country or ethnic believes that money is the root of all evil and regard those having it as corrupt and evil and had through dubious means, but the truth remains that money is needed to live well and meet up the necessities of life.
There are basic truths you need to know that will help you view money with the right mindset and seek for good and godly way to get it legitimately.

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1.Money is a Tool: Money is one of the most powerful tools in the world today, 70% of your problems can be solved when money is available, the reason you wake up very early, every morning preparing for work is to enable you to get some pennies in your bank account at the end of the month to meet your needs, the reason you go to best college or send your children to one of the best universities is for them to attain the best qualification and degrees that will place them on a higher position in their profession/vocation which in turn give them a nice salary or better remuneration.

2.Money is neither Good nor Evil: money is a banknote that can neither reason nor take decisions, rather it is you that is responsible for its control and utilization, either for good or for evil, the various channels, and means you acquire wealth coupled with your motives for getting it is what matters most. instead of engaging in fraudulent practices and using dubious means to accumulate wealth, develop yourself, learn a skill and be engaged in a healthy occupation that will generate money.

3.Money is a Reward for Service: you can’t get money by merely wishing for it, there is no place in the world where it is picked from the street neither those it falls from the sky. you have to work for it, the richest people in the world worked very hard for the wealth you see them display today. create value, solve a problem, have a skill and engage in any economic activities that will give you money. if you are not ready to work for success then don’t bother wishing for it cause you will only end up breaking your own heart. good things come to those who hustle while they wait. God created all men equal why do some accomplish far greater accomplishment than others? the reason is that they had a vision, a desire and they took action. Now is the right time to take action, recall that your today was yesterday’s tomorrow that you dream of.

4.Money can either Appreciate or Depreciate: no matter how much you have, sometimes you will always discover that you never have enough, what you do with the current money you have will determine your financial status in the long run, you can either overspend or invest.
Warren Buffet said:” do not save what is after spending but spend what is left after saving”. look for a legal investment platform to invest your money rather than spending all of them, wealthy people invest first and spend what is left while poor people spend first and invest what’s left. if you buy things you don’t need, soon you will have to sell things you need. stop engaging in excessive spending to please people or be under pressure to fit into the society, money has wings, it can fly when not utilized wisely.

5.Money can be Abused: when the purpose of a thing is not known then abuse is inevitable. Money can be abused when adequate caution is not applied, this may be the sole reason people sees money as an evil which is not logically correct, you can make money in a good way with the right motives for having it but sometimes may be confused and distracting due to peer group and excessive wealth and turn use it for things that are harmful and irrelevant. The sole purpose of you getting money is for it to enable you to serve God well, live a happy and comfortable life and contribute to the well being of the society, anything outside these are a waste of resources.


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