12-year-old boy whose natural ingenuity solves home electrical faults

Knowledge they say has nothing to do with age, has aptly described a 12-year-old boy, Abdul-Wahab Hassan, whose natural ingenuity and skills have been acknowledged solving many home electrical faults. Hassan who hails from Ajigbotosho House, Olele Okeho, Kajola local government area of Oyo state has been getting encomiums and commendation from all and sundry sequel to his natural endowment, skills and inbuilt knowledge that makes him an expert in solving electrical faults and repairing of the damaged electronics.

Hassan who is in JSS 1 class at Al-Balagh Model College, Isia Okeho said he had not undergone the training under the tutelage of any master, adding that his ability to solve home electrical faults and repairing of electronics was born out of natural ingenuity and skills that God endowed him with.

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Hassan said that he had started with the solving of home electrical faults and repairing of electronics for over five years, stressing that he started picking up the damaged electronics and got them repaired without any training or mastery of its perfection from anybody. On solving of home electrical faults, he said he had currently restricted himself to solving electrical faults belonging to his parents and other members of his family. On the source of income for the procurement of instruments like the screwdriver, battery, tester, wires, solar and others, he said his father was the one responsible for them and the encouragement coming from his parents is making him to forge ahead. On patronage, Hassan said his friends, colleagues and school teachers were the ones patronising him for repair of the damaged electronics with little or no complaints. On ambition, Hassan said he had not currently chosen any course but he aspires to study any of the engineering courses when the time comes.

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