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Life is a gift and is worth living well to the fullest this can only be accomplished when you know your true identity and potentials.
when it comes to the issue of identity most people develop a nonchalance attitude and lukewarm spirit towards discovering and developing their inborn talents and potentials, your greatest problem is not the government, environment, family status, educational qualification or gender discrimination, the greatest problem is you.
you are the one who has failed in discovery yourself.

Steve Jobs would not have invented the Apple computer if he depended on the government and its policies, Ellen DeGeneres would not have been earning millions of dollars if she had depended on her educational qualification and gender.
These people did never became famous by emulating others, they understood the power of individual differences.

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Self Discovery involves thorough meditation, innate thoughts, and reasoning on why you are on earth, what you should be doing now that you are still living, the potentials embedded in you, and how you can harness them to the best of your ability to create an impact in your current world and the next posterity to come. In physics, there is what is known as” potential difference” which is the work done in moving a unit volt from one point to another. if you can apply this principle by discovering and developing your skills and talents then you will be amazed by the level of results you will accomplish.

Instead of you shifting the blame of failure to the country you are living, weather condition or economy, shift it to yourself and take full responsibility of your life and every decision and actions that you take knowing fully well that you are behind everything that happens to you either good or bad, discover yourself and the world will look for you.


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