Five Ways to Command Respect

Five Ways to Command Respect

Commanding respect comes from an individual’s character, lifestyle, and abilities. when I was a child, I was always told to respect and value people irrespective of their age, color and financial status, but as I began to grow, I discovered that respect is of two categories, the one that is given to an individual free for being a human and the one that is earned.
Respect that is earned is genuine and last longer than the respect that is given freely to an individual as a human because the latter can be abused or taken for granted, to earn respect, you have to exhibit certain character or perform tasks that others cannot do, for people to value and respect you, then you must do these:-

1.Creativity: The world value and respect people with creativity and innovative mindset, for you to be respected, then you have to be creative, the truth is that nobody cares if you exist until you make yourself known, you are not a robot that is programmed to carry out certain tasks, people attach value to the those who provide answers and solutions to long-lasting problems, think, innovate and solve problems and you will earn the respect you deserve.

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2.Originality: Don’t pretend to be who you are not, fake people do not last, endeavor to live a life devoid of lies, deceit, and hypocrisy, people will learn to respect you when you are honest, truthful and original, don’t showcase what you do not possess or borrow to impress people because it will lead you into serious trouble one day, I have seen people exhibit fake life on social media just to earn respect and popularity while they can’t afford to take good care of themselves privately, be authentic and you will be valued.

3.Be Responsible: If you want to earn people’s respect then you must take full account of your words and your actions. your words should be your bond, there should be a reason behind any action that you take, people give attention to you when you keep to your promises, keep to an appointment on time, return any money borrowed at the stipulated period, also one of the ways to make people like you is to make them feel important, always giving without expecting anything in return.

4.Discipline and Self-Control: You should always endeavor to do the right thing at the right time consistently. There should be time for everything, time to be silent and listen and time to talk, time to laugh and time to smile, time to get angry and time to be happy, if any of these are misplaced, then you will end up becoming a fool in the eyes of people. Self-control is the bedrock for lasting respect.

5.Make Money: Money is one of the most powerful tools on earth and those who have it are accorded a high level of respect than others, most people believe that money is the root of all evil, but that is a statement with no proven facts, money is needed to solve some part of human problem, money command affluence naturally especially when it is gotten legitimately and utilized for the benefit of mankind.

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