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How Time Flies

Time is the progress of existence and events that occur, which is an irreversible succession from the past through the present into the future which continues indefinitely. How time flies is surprising and amazing, time passes quickly more than we could ever think, time is the swiftest thing ever.

Time flies in a twinkling of an eye, people ask-How come it’s 6 pm or 12 pm already? have you ever noticed especially when one is playing or having fun with friends, relatives or family and suddenly, they wonder how its past the time they are to perform a particular task or carry out a certain duty?

Reason why people Don’t Succeed Despite a Great Vision

To understand how time flies, you need to think and understand these basic facts that time flies speedily and you are the pilot, you should understand that as time goes (flies) sometimes, it is more difficult to keep up with things.

you are the pilot of your life and as time goes, it is important to have it in your mind that every second that goes by, you need to execute the highest and the topmost priority of anything in your life, every single moment the clock ticks, but individually we have our time limits.

Time flies quickly and we need to put in place the highest level of anything in life to meet up with time. Time qualifies and quantifies anything we do, in time, there is life and there is death, time brings both bad and good news, joy and sorrow.

Time starts flying the day you were born and will eventually stop the day you die, so within this period of flight, the series of activities and programs you engage in will determine if you will have a successful landing or not, the most important thing worth knowing is that time cannot be reversed but can be used to do something meaningful and productive.


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