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Six Simple Ways to Make People Like You

Making people like you is not a day job, winning the heart and attention of people is not easy and sometimes may be very difficult, this is because humans can never be satisfied and contented with what they have, they always ask for more and want to be pleased all the time. But despite that, one can win people’s attention and control their mind to the extent that they love you so much that they want to spend most of their time with you. At this point, they can go the extra mile just to make sure you are happy and that your wishes will be granted, especially if they are in the position to do so.
But before all these can happen, they must have seen you exhibit certain character worth emulating, and lifestyle easy to understand, if you can do these, then you will make people like you instantly

1. Be Yourself:

Trying to become a better version of someone else is the reason for the inconsistency of character, you cannot be two-person -in-one at the same time, the next person has been taken, you are the one left. when you discover that you can only be one person and that is you, it will help you to develop the inbuilt potentials and talents within you which will, in turn, add value to your life and the people around you. At some point, people may not understand and value you but when they begin to see the consistency of your lifestyle, they will begin to find it easy to relate easily and also reveal secrets to you especially if you live a life of integrity and transparency.

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2. See Things from different points of view:

when dealing with people, you don’t need to think only in only one direction especially concerning an issue, you should try to put yourself in the other person’s position by trying to think from their perspectives, in this way, you will learn to understand the way they feel and the reasons behind their action. A true friend always accommodate and have a wider view concerning any issue, everyone is at some point right in one way or the other when critically examined, by doing this, you will successfully end up having more friends than enemies.

3. Be fun to be with:

Nobody wants to be a friend to someone that doesn’t smile, someone who is timid and over-serious, he that wants a friend should also be friendly. You should be fun to be with, people should feel happy and motivated whenever they are around you, always smile and look at people with a glowing face. most persons you see are facing a lot of problems which had led them to depression, frustration, and trauma, they need genuine friends they can talk with to ease some of their tension, you being one will go a long way in solving their problems.

4. Make Them Feel Important:

Nobody wants to be treated like a slave or servant, everyone is special in one way or the other and should be treated with respect. I believe this was one of the big secrets of Andrew Carnegie and Abraham Lincoln. One of the big secrets of dealing with people is to make them feel important, every human on earth has two desires, the desire to be recognized and the desire to be appreciated if you can do these, then you have the heart of many in your palms, learn to speak all the good you know about anyone and avoid the evil you know about them.

5.Look Neat and Smart:

The way you dress can either attract people or make them run away from you, nobody wants to associate with someone that is not good looking and smart, everybody is looking for smart and intelligent people to hang around with, someone that will be a source of hope and motivation in time of difficulty, so if you want people to like you, look good, dress cool and be smart.

6. Don’t be a Judge:

People who often judge and condemn others often find it difficult to associate with people and they become known as critics because they keep judging and criticizing others. If you want people to like you, then you must get closer to them, learn and study them before judging them for any action or decision they take. Before you judge others judge yourself first by putting yourself in their shoes.


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